Coming from the southwest of Spain, “in the middle of nowhere,” as he likes to say, Juan Migama was initiated into the theater and circus arts at a very young age by his mother and uncle who would bring Juan to their various amateur theatre and circus rehearsals, which sparked a lifelong fascination for the art of clowning.

In 2005 he moved to Barcelona to study Sociology and inadvertently launched his career as a comedian when he got involved with La Makabra, a circus training space and international meeting place that ran regular shows and cabarets. This gave Juan his first regular access to a rehearsal space and performance opportunities which led to further work in the field.

Upon graduating in 2008, Juan relocated to London where he got involved in several projects with students from Circus Space and Central Speech & Drama. During this time, he also formed his own company Forkwisdom and produced Wireless: The Show which he performed in Roundhouse in Camden (2010) and Stratford Circus (2011).

In 2011 he moved to Berlin after catching wind of a strong artist scene there, and shortly thereafter began performing with Contra Chaos, a clown company supported by the association of Berlin Lacht, whose main focus is the promotion of street theatre performers.

In 2012 Juan and comedian Joanna Sackoviz created Leervacuum, a comedy duo that over the course of 3 years would perform extensively throughout Europe at festivals, on the street, and in venues large and small. Striving to constantly generate new original material, the duo became known for their versatility, developing everything from cabaret numbers to theatre pieces, videos, circus acts and various street shows.

In mid-2016 Juan moved to Montreal where very quickly he felt welcomed by the strong community of clowns and comedians.In Montreal he has been furthering his study of mime, mask and slapstick. Juan performs regularly in comedy clubs and cabarets throughout the city.